8th WUKF European Championships, Montichiari, Italy, October 2016

Sensei John Gardiner and Helen Marsh were selected to represent WUKO-Great Britain at the 8th WUKF European Karate Championships being held in Montichiari, Italy, John in the mens senior shotokan kata and open style kata, and Helen in the women’s veterans categories A and B with Sensei Ady Gray coaching. 

After flying out to Italy on the Wednesday and registering for the event, Helen was competing on the first day at the impressive stadium. 

After qualifying for the ...

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3K’s Karate Course – Westcliff 9th October 2016

Sensei Ady Gray and Sensei John Gardiner joined forces again to teach at this years 3K’s Karate course (3K’s being Kihon, Kata and Kumite the three main components of Karate).

A great turnout once again as Karateka came from not only all of three of the JKG Karate clubs (Westcliff, Brentwood and Chelmsford) we also had visitors from Sensei Ady’s Dojo all the way from Ripon, North Yorkshire, Meopham in Kent, Ipswich and Kazen Kai in Chelmsford.

The first class covering Kihon ...

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ESKF UK Open championships, London, September 25, 2016

A #JKGKarate squad of 5 made the trip to the university of East London to compete in the UK Open championships, a big event that attracts teams from all over the UK as well as Europe. 

 The squad consisted of John Gardiner, Helen Marsh, Amy Marsh, Kate Green and Sebastian Lambert. 
First up was Helen competing in the Women’s veterans kata event where she secured a well earned bronze medal with katas Bassai Dai and Gojushiho Dai. 

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Kyu grading Brentwood 4th September 2016

Congratulations to those who passed the grading today at the Brentwood dojo:

9th mon (red/white): 

Lewis Grayland-Wignall

Joshua Lock

Samuel Lock

Matthew Davis

Thomas Wood

9th Kyu (Red):

David Wignall

Ross Ford

8th Mon (orange/white):

Oliver Hipperson

Max Flower

George Foley

8th Kyu (Orange):

Charlotte Wilcock

7th Kyu (Yellow): 

Donna Clarke

Sebastian Lambert

The next grading will be on Saturday 19th November at the westcliff dojo.


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Kyu Grading, Westcliff, June 2016

Very successful grading today (11/6/16) with 19 attempting the grading and all 19 passing. 

An award for “outstanding grading” was given to Oliver Hipperson for showing great effort and attitude, with Sarah Gardiner very close showing her extensive preparation and readiness for the grade. 

All deserve congratulations though as vast improvements have been made across the board. 

Grading results:

• 9th Mon (Red/White belt): 

Abigail Galazka

Ben Wilkins

Ross Ford

• 9th Kyu (Red): 

Charlotte Wilcock

Kelly Gibson

Maria Matthews

Oliver Hipperson

Max Flower

Harry Chandler

George Foley

• 8th Kyu (Orange):

Rachael Wilkins

Terry Ford

Sam Ford

Davis Matthews

• ...

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